Sunday, 10 March 2013

Buttery Sweet Treasure - The Golden Butter Cake

Butter cake, also known as “yellow cake” for some people is another well-known cake in Malaysia. It has been around for some time and the buttery and sweet taste of this classic cake has been reformed on and off through a lot of recipe variants. Never the less, the well shared recipe – “same weight ingredients recipe” is a mistake proof and good tasting one, trust me! Talking about being tasty, butter cake always enjoyed as is without any fillings or icing for that matter. Despite of the reverence of classic taste, butter cake can also be flavored easily with extracts, zests, essences, and other concentrated flavorings.

Golden Treasure

Texture and consistency wise, butter cake is slightly firmer and heavier cake (as compared to regular sponge cake), it serves well as base in designing and constructing tiered wedding cakes. It can hold its shape when covered with heavy icing like fondant and stacked up without collapsing.

Buttery Sweet and Moist Decadent

 Some people argued the controversy of a butter cake when it is made from substitute fat, namely margarine. As we all know, margarine is a plant derived fat and butter is dairy derived. They can differ greatly in taste and texture and to some extent, the aroma of the baked cake. For me personally, butter-based will always win out the title of being a butter cake as it will hold true to the taste of pure butter – sweet, mellow and creamy. On the opposite, margarine based butter cake can taste a little bit off – bland and oily. Either way, the decision is in clients’ hands and I must say that pure butter will need you to fork out some ringgit just because butter is priced higher than the other.

Butter cake always reminds me of a high-tea treat (lol… how nenek-nenek is that?).