Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Winner takes all: Chocolate-Butter Swirls, Flavor–Appeal Twirls.

Swirls of Goodness - Butter and Chocolate
Chocolate marble cake is another famous classic cake known from around the world. Despite the heavenly dreamy taste, the marbling swirls in the cake create an attractive look. The contrast of golden yellow batter and deep chocolate batter works well and it ignites your glutton inside. Sometimes, having a solid color cake can be a little bit dull. Imagine you slicing your wedding cake and you discover a marbling design in the cake instead, wouldn’t it be nice? Beautiful design not just embellish the outside of the cake but also all the way through the center.
It is a rich buttery flavor decadent! Combination of butter and chocolate really tickle your taste buds and its dense yet fluffy texture is just luxurious. As a derivative from basic butter cake, chocolate marble cake carries the classic and timeless flavor of butter cake but with a slight more excitement – the chocolate. I have to admit that the recipe of chocolate marble cake is so simple and thus, might fool you into thinking it’s just another boring cake. Well, for those who love the combination of dairy and chocolate, you’ll love this cake as much as your milk chocolate bar, only fluffier and cottony soft. And don’t forget that 2 colors whimsically swirls and marbles together.

Some would say that chocolate marble cake is a true meaning of “killing two birds with one stone” - Having a wonderful flavor and eye appealing marbling design (I know I did once think the same). But, come to think again it is rather a “winner takes all” cake - due to the fact that it looks just as amazing naked without any icing. Chocolate marble cake stands on its own sweet sovereign.