Monday, 15 April 2013

Chocolate Versatility - Chocolate Ganache

Smooth Criminal - Guilt-free Chocolate Indulgence
Chocolate Ganache is just voluptuously divine! Why? First of all, it’s chocolate!, second, it tastes awfully wonderful and chocolaty, and third, its smooth texture caresses your glutton inside. It's a definite chocolate decadent regardless of anything else! Lol!

Soft enough to spread, Firm enough to its hold shape
It is actually not that hard to make your own Chocolate Ganache. Two simple ingredients that make up chocolate ganache are; the quintessential – chocolate, and cream. Some will add in butter for additional shine and some will use vegetable oil instead. How simple are the ingredients? People say “less is more”, with Chocolate Ganache, I couldn’t agree more. Simpler ingredients really do make an powerful impact.

Some example of Chocolate Ganache used as Piped Ornamental Decoration
Chocolate ganache is a soft textured chocolate cream used in variety of different purposes like icing a cake, as filling for the cake or cookies, and also as centers to chocolate truffles. The ratio of chocolate to cream may be different in recipes as some require ranges of specific consistency and firmness. Simple principle suggests that more chocolate incorporated, the final ganache will set firmer and on the other hand, with lesser chocolate, it will result in softer ganache. Considering Malaysia is a tropical climate country, with hot and humid climate, firmer ganache is much favorable. At least it can hold through high temperature of the climate and what's more important, it'll taste even better with higher ratio of chocolate to the cream (don’t you think so?). Plus, firmer Chocolate Ganache will allow you stability in piped decoration like those with Royal Icing.

Piped Ornamental Decoration - Shell
Using chocolate ganache as a cake icing will require strict temperature control as it will melt in higher temperature environment. As mentioned earlier, having to cope with tropical climate all year round, has made chocolate ganache used widely only for fillings. Some will get away with the ganache iced cake served in an air-conditioned room, or offsetting the chocolate-cream ratio in the recipe by gradually increases the chocolate amount. Draw backs to this - taste, structure, and consistency of the end products may also fluctuate accordingly.

Piped Ornamental Decoration - Fleur De Lis
Come to think again, who cares if it melts down or firms up, we indulge chocolate guilt-free in any consistency it offers right?

Piped Ornamental Decoration - Rope