Monday, 22 July 2013

Rolled-up Tropics - Tat Nenas Gulong

Tat Nenas in general is a Pineapple Tart. The construction of it includes those in your average tarts and tartlets – a pastry crust and the fillings in it. The crust of tat nenas is vast in recipes and you can find them just as easily on the internet. The most basic recipe is the one used in most dessert tarts shell which is the sugar crust recipe. However, sugar crust is a little bit crispy for tat nenas we know in Malaysia.
The filling is of course made from pineapple. Instead of using the fresh pineapple, the pineapple is grated and cooked as a thick pineapple jam to prolong the shelf life of it. The jam is of course subject to one’s preference in terms of its sweetness and tartness and any additional flavor profile desired. Some would include spices just to enliven the taste of the jam and to make it even more interesting.
When talking about Tat Nenas Gulong in particular, it is basically the same thing but with a rather softer dough to work with. The appearance of Tat Nenas Gulong is identical with Sardin Rolls” and we can also just name it Pineapple Roll can’t we? Softer crust dough is owed to the process of making up the cookies which utilized the spritz cookie presser. It uses disk with ridged edge opening that looks like crinkle-cut fries. The dough then pressed into a long continuous strip and then cut to individual length long enough to wrap around the proportioned pineapple jam. The cookies are then egg-washed before bake in the oven as garnish and also to help the crust hold it shape since it is soft and crumbly.
Crèmeuss’ Tat Nenas Gulong is priced at RM48 per 100 generous pieces. The pineapple jam is improved in term of its size which is doubled in comparison to last year’s production. As with other promoted cookies, the Tat Nenas Gulong is priced by half should order for 50 pieces desired, and the packaging is individually packs 50 pieces of cookies regardless.