Friday, 19 July 2013

"Skip those Chips, munch over Chunks" - Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Who needs Chips when you can have Chunks right? Chocolate chunk cookies elevate your average chocolate chip cookies to something worth eating. Chips are for kids, we indulge more chocolate than chips anyway don’t we?
Crèmeuss’ Chocolate Chip Cookie is an egg-less cookie recipe that translate to its crumbly texture which also not overly sweet like other chocolate chip cookies in the market. Made with butter, the sweet buttery taste stimulates your senses that margarine can never offer. Although margarine is an immediate substitute and cost a little less than butter, it has the possibility in getting your products taste a little bit off and worse when it has a slight odor like your regular cooking oil. I know some margarine brand claim to have the ability to preserve finished product for a longer period of time, but I wouldn’t jeopardize taste just to prolong its shelf life. You wouldn’t keep what’s tasty away for long would you? No point in keeping it for longer if it means to avoid you from eating them right?
Chocolate Chunk Cookies - the name speaks for itself – chunky with chocolate pieces and crushed toasted almond nuts for even crunchier and merrier flavors in your mouth. A variation of drop cookies that might lack in appearance but its taste will help you get over it. Some people like perfectly shaped cookies but let’s just have that for other cookies. I’d say that appearance is a waste when the taste is awful. After all, we can’t judge a book by its cover can we?
This cookies weigh at approximately…grams per piece of chunky and nuttiness. It is priced at RM45.00 per 100 pieces and the price is halved should you wish to order for 50 pieces.