Wednesday, 30 January 2013

It was Crèmeuss' first ever Wedding Cake

Assalamualikum and hey! guys!... I've been quite busy today with some work. However I managed to tweak some of the features on this blogspot (Geez! it's gonna take a while for me to get used to it). Here are some pictures of my first ever wedding cake dated some when in late 2011. It's a 4-tiered: 3 Dummies and an actual cake on the bottom.

The cake chosen was the classic cake that every bakers should know, it's the Marble Cake. Seductive chocolate cake batter swirled around in luscious vanilla butter cake batter. Who needs only one when you can have two at the same time?

Design wise, the whole unit themed after the color Red and White. However, I squeezed some Green in just to enliven the overall color pallet. Buttercream was chosen to sandwich and ice the cake and Fondant used to cover the whole cake. It was then embossed to mimic the appearance of quilted fabric that studded with little Red Hearts. The construction was mixed of stacked and pillared to make it look more interesting. Also, there was a Bouquet of Roses in different shades of Reds/Pinks and it was not a real flower bouquet, it was made from a Home-made Pastillage - Decorative Sugar Art.

Pastillage - Bouquet of Red Roses

Stacked - Cake on cake

Pillared - Cake pillars