Thursday, 31 January 2013

Message for The Unition of Hearts

There are several design options available for future Groom & Bride. Some like it lavishly adorned with Pastillage Flowers, others might like intricate fine detailing of a Royal Icing patterns like Lace, or the rest might just like Simple Message written on their cake.

A quote, or message written on cake can be traced back from years back. It can be considered to be a classic way in presenting a cake respectively to it's meaning. Often, Birthday Cakes are the most common cakes with the famous "Happy Birthday..." message on the cake. Nonetheless, in Malaysia, we are not restricted to such tradition. Wedding Cakes and even Engagement Gift (Hantaran Pertunangan) have been seen decorated with messages like "Happy Wedding Day" and "Happy Engagement Day." Truth be told, I observed the trend of writing messages on cake when I worked at Secret Recipe Cafe and Restaurant. Lots of customers then, always requested their cakes to have a message written on. From a simple "Happy Birthday" to "Happy Wedding Day" and all the way to a long-paragraph essay (Yes! I'm serious - Lol), I've done it all. I have to thank Secret Recipe for giving me the opportunity to at least practice my Icing-Writing on cakes. It was all worth it.

having said that, here are some examples of a Wedding Cake I created for the couple Fifie & Jozz (Please excuse the bad quality pictures). It was a single square Chocolate Cake frosted and sandwiched with Vanilla Buttercream and iced with Fondant. The message was written using Royal Icing (Together with the Filigree). A small cluster of Pastillage Flowers completed the cake.

Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Buttercream and Fondant - Pastillage Roses I

Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Buttercream and Fondant - Message for the Two Hearts II