Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Pastry Pro Experience

Pastry Pro has always been the place I wanted to be since hearing all about it in my Diploma years. Been trying to reach there but had no luck. On 29th January 2013 I finally decided to go to the Pastry Pro at Taman Bukit Maluri by myself. It was a tiring long drive through never-ending-highways, traffic jams, and worse - I even got lost. Luckily I didn't went far ahead... Lol! Arriving at the Pastry Pro somehow gave me that butterflies in my stomach. I was so overwhelmed and Oh! My God!, it was so amazing seeing all the products I've always wanted laying on the shelves, hanging on the wall, and showcased in the glass cabinets. I was literally trying to catch up my breath and I got to tell you - I touched and inspect every products there. I'm weird I know... Lol! But however, I didn't ended up buying lots of stuff but hey!, at least i know where to find my things after this right?...Oh Pastry Pro...I've already missing you.

Pastry Pro - I'll be back soon

Having said that, this blogspot hadn't been progressing much on its 2nd day. Apology on that, I'm Sorry~. After all I'm still learning how to customize this blogspot.