Friday, 1 February 2013

It's Turquoise, not just your average Blue

Living in the modern era (or perhaps Post-modern Era), bright colors and shade variation of a same color are getting in the current trends. Be it in Fashion or Food - "Garments or Gourmets" (as how I like to call it). Colors are getting more and more recognized and acknowledged to its multitude spectrum range. There is no more 'just' Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple and so on. People are more conscious on the exact shades like Scarlet Red (Red with Orange undertone), Dusty Pink (Muted Dirty Pink), and also Turquoise (Blue with a hint of Green). These amazing colors can be seen quite often on garments and following the trends, food also has put colors in its eye appeal construct.

Traditional Wedding Dress would always be whites, creams, or pastels colored. But here in Malaysia, we like it to be bold, colorful and cheerful with bright colors everywhere - the dress, bridal bed (pelamin), and of course, the cake. Here are some pictures taken from an order last year (2012). The profile of the cake was Lace & Filigree with color theme of Turquoise and White. A slight dome shape top for a distinct design and the bottom was wrapped around with Embroidery Lace effects Fondant. The actual cake was just Chocolate Cake with White Chocolate Buttercream Frosting and Fondant icing. Filligree Designs are piped Royal Icing to give that Soft but Intricate Lace look. Message on the cake was also using Royal Icing.

Lace and Filigree Design - Dome Shaped Turquoise Cake

Swirls and Dots - Message for the Love Birds

Subtle - Turquoise