Friday, 1 February 2013

Hand-painted in Pink: Rustic but Romantic

Talking about color, Red and Pink always been associated with Love. Red being the bold and Pink being the softer side. What's more important is that Pink now has been approved by both sexes. We can see men also working out those pink shirts and shorts. Pink is a unisex preference now!

While having Pink in your wedding cakes would sound cliche, a little twist can make it look fresh and out of the norm (in Malaysia context of course...Lol...). Hand-painting can be interesting for the painter and the client respectively. I enjoyed myself experiencing new techniques through the years and I'm wishing of experiencing all of the pastry techniques soon.

This latest wedding gift cake order was from my family friends. He wanted it to be White and Pink on a Moist Chocolate Cake. The cake was frosted with Chocolate Buttercream and iced with Fondant. No Pastillage Bouquet intended but he requested the Rolled Fondant Roses. the overall design was an adaptation of the English Rose High Tea Sets.

Rolled Fondant Roses

Hand-painted - Pink Roses clusters

Hand-painted Pink Roses - Rustic English