Sunday, 24 February 2013

It's a Collab

Crèmeuss has teamed up with a wedding boutique named Butik Pengantin Kaseh Collection as being part of the Kaseh Collection packages. Packages offered ranging from RM1200.00 to RM4200.00 and with every package worth RM2000.00 and above, you will receive a free cake by Crèmeuss. The profile of the cake designs will be selected by the Kaseh Collection and Crèmeuss in accordance to your overall wedding theme.


Butik Pengantin - Kaseh Collection
 A little bit about Kaseh Collection, it provides assistance in your wedding events or any other functions with makeup services, wedding dresses with accessory rental, and ambient décor for your wedding ceremonies. The owner of the boutique has now changed and licensed to Mrs. Sherry as when she bought the boutique from its previous owner in late 2012. So far, the boutique services have reached clients from Kepong, Malacca, Kuala Lumpur and the adjacent addresses in Banting. Mrs. Sherry herself is a warm-hearted, dedicated and helpful individual in assisting the needs for the events. Any consultation to your events will be taken seriously from Mrs. Sherry.

For those who are interested in visiting Kaseh Collection, please do so and check through the Kaseh Collection Blog or their Official Facebook Page. Should you have any further inquiries or booking a date, please get intact through the address and contact numbers published on the pages.

Never the less, Crèmeuss still take any personal orders from clients. Any personalized and custom designs will be taken and special requests will be taken into consideration.