Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Less is More: Semi-sweet Chocolate Cake

It is no doubt that (cocoa) chocolate has been one of the exquisite flavors we endeavor. Apart from the luscious ol’ vanilla, chocolate has its own unique amenities to astound your taste buds and overall flavor experiences.

Personally, I would prefer dark intense chocolate taste rather than the milk chocolate or white chocolate variants. Reason being is that it tastes much more authentic than the rest. To translate that in cake recipe, I choose to use cocoa powder rather than baking chocolate. Dutch-processed cocoa powder specifically, gives better chocolaty taste to my cake that baking chocolate couldn’t prevail. Plus, baking chocolate may contain “cocoa butter substitute” or “vegetable fat” which replaced the actual “cocoa butter”. I bet the taste is off!

The recipe I owned is actually my mother’s. She had changed and established the recipe with her own personal expectation of how a chocolate cake should be. And, as part of being conscious on health, she made it less sweet than the average chocolate cake. From then, until now, the recipe never failed to serve our family with a good tasting and less sweet chocolate decadent.

Now, I’m using the recipe (with a few other adjustments) for the orders from clients and I believe that one day, semi-sweet chocolate cake can out shine the demand of regular sugar-loaded chocolate cake.